How Long Sitting Jobs Badly Affect Your Health?

Long sitting jobs can affect your mental and physical health. By sitting for a long time in the job makes you lazy, stressed and depressed. If you sit for long hours in a day for your job, it leads to overweight problems. You can also lead to much dangerous disease which comes from obesity like heart disease, cancer, stroke, etc.

Sitting more direct effects on your body organs and make them damage or in non- working condition. There are more side effects that you can face if you sit for long hours in a job. Some of the side effects you can read that are mentioned below:-

  • Organ damage

By sitting the long period, this can lead to damage your body organs. When you sit for a long period, you burn less fat, and your blood flows slowly. These problems lead to many more dangerous diseases. You can harm your life by sitting for a long period. It directly impacts your internal organs of the body and makes them in a non-working condition.

  • Weight gain

Those people who sit more than 7 or 8 hours in a day are overweight. In many professional courses, you want to sit more than 7 hours a day that can harm your health. Many more people are facing more problems which come from overweight or obesity. Obesity leads to heart disease, some type of cancer, stroke, liver damage, and much dangerous disease. So if you want to prevent these problems, you need to take some small breaks during your work. In small breaks, you want to walk that helps you most.

  • Back and neck pain

Most common and significant side effect of sitting for a long period is back and neck pain. You can harm your neck and backbone if you sit for a long time in a day. Sitting for a long period puts so much stress on your back and neck. This leads to pain in your back and your neck. Many of the people face back and neck problems during their work. This leads to unbalance your physical fitness. You cannot do any work smoothly if you have neck and back problems.


You will try to avoid sit for a long period of time, as it leads to your bad health. If you want to avoid these above side effects, you want to take some breaks and want to exercise daily.