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The Automaton has already proved itself to be one of the best Assault Rifles in CoD: Vanguard, so here are the best loadout attachments and Perks to maximize its potential.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is here, offering players seven Second World War Assault Rifles to master. The Automaton has already been considered one of the best ARs in the game thanks to its incredible accuracy and fire rate.

We’ve got the best attachments and Perks to use with the Automaton, as well as how to unlock it so you can start effortlessly beaming enemies across the multiplayer maps.

Best Vanguard Automaton loadout attachments

To start, the F8 Stabilizer muzzle and M1941 Hand Stop combined will offer a great boost to your accuracy, reducing the bloom mechanic. Next, we’ve added the Anastasia Sniper barrel and Lengthened ammo to greatly improve the weapon’s bullet velocity and range.

The optic choice is down to preference, but we like the precision accuracy of the G16 2.5x. But if you’re looking for something for closer range, the Slate Reflector is perfect.

For ammunition, we recommend the 8MM Klauser Rifle 50 Round Mags. These have a lot of positives and negatives, but the boost to magazine size, damage range, and velocity makes the Automaton even more powerful. If you struggle with the negatives, we recommend sticking with the 6.5MM Sakura 45 Round Mags.

All of these attachments significantly slow down the Automaton, so we’ve added the ZAC Skeletal and Leather Grip to combat this. You’ll have a super-fast strafe speed, and you’ll still have a competitive ADS speed.

And for the Proficiency and Kit, we’re opting for Frenzy and Fully Loaded, respectively. Frenzy is an incredibly effective tool, as you’ll immediately start recovering health after getting a kill. And you’ll run out of ammo quickly with the Automaton, so Fully Loaded is a solid choice.

Best Perks to use with the Automaton

Ninja is an excellent choice for Perk 1. After feedback from the Beta, Sledgehammer Games reintroduced the classic Perk which reduces your footstep audio. You’ll be able to dart around the map almost silently, getting the drop on unsuspecting enemies.

For Perk 2, Forward Intel is absolutely the best option. YouTuber JGOD called it “completely broken” because it shows you exactly where an enemy has spawned. Controlling the map has never been easier, as you’ll know exactly where enemies are coming from.

And finally, Perk 3 is a little bit more open. We’re fans of Demolition, which gives you an extra Grenade and shows you exactly where it’s going to go. If you’re pushing an objective or Hardpoint, you’ll be able to perfectly bank shot the ‘nade into the room.

How to unlock the Automaton in Vanguard

The Automaton is unlocked at Rank 8, so you’ll get your hands on it soon after unlocking Custom Loadouts.

To unlock and level up the Automaton as fast as possible, you can check out our guide on how to rank up fast in Vanguard.

Best alternatives to Vanguard’s Automaton

If the Automaton isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend using the STG44. It’s the first Assault Rifle you’ll unlock and is an incredibly powerful choice. But if you want something for close-range fights, the MP40 is also super versatile.

And that’s everything you need to dominate with the Automaton in Call of Duty: Vanguard!

You can also check out the leaks that hint towards an upcoming Attack on Titan crossover.

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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