Warzone players praise January 13 playlist update as "best yet"

The Welgun has finally arrived in Warzone Pacific and has already proved itself to be a top-tier SMG. Here are all of the attachments and Perks you need to create the best Welgun loadout in Warzone Season 1.

Warzone Pacific Season 1’s mid-season update is live, bringing a ton of meta-changing buffs and nerfs, as well as the Welgun SMG.

The Welgun is already picking up traction as a must-use choice thanks to its high fire rate and rapid time-to-kill. But you need the best loadout to achieve this, so here are all of the attachments and Perks to maximize the Welgun’s potential.

Best Warzone Welgun loadout attachments

This Warzone Welgun is built to have an incredibly fast time to kill (TTK) at close-range, but with some other attachments to improve its versatility.

The Recoil Booster and 120mm Gawain Short Barrel are key to unlocking the Welgun’s impressive TTK at close range as they both increase its fire rate.

Then, we’ve opted for the Gawain Skeletal stock to improve its mobility, with the Carver Foregrip helping to control both recoil and hip-fire accuracy, which is especially useful when you’re in a pinch.

To lower that TTK even further, the .45 48 Round Mags and Lengthened Ammo increase its damage and bullet velocity, making the bullets land harder and faster. But the mags slightly decrease recoil control, so the Polymer Grip counters that.

The Frenzy Perk is always worth using as it allows you to instantly start regaining health after getting a kill, and Fully Loaded ensures you always have bullets to spare. What Optic you choose is up to you, but we like the Slate Reflector for its unobtrusive size and clear picture.

Best Warzone Welgun Perks & Equipment

Warzone Pacific’s Caldera is full of foliage that players can hide in, but it’s easy to keep an eye on them with the Combat Scout Perk. This will both highlight and tag any player you hit, allowing you to know exactly where they run off to.

Cold-Blooded directly counters Combat Scout so we recommend running it alongside Ghost to remain stealthy at all times.

The Throwing Knife is an excellent tool for quickly finishing off downed players, and the Heartbeat Sensor will root out anyone who doesn’t have Ghost. But if you prefer Vanguard Royale, then Stun Grenades are the best option.

How to unlock Welgun in Warzone Pacific

To unlock the Welgun in Warzone, you need to get 10 ADS kills with SMGs in 15 matches, but this might be tricky in Warzone’s battle royale setting.

Instead, we recommend heading to Plunder where every player can keep redeploying. Just push the busiest areas and make sure you’re using ADSing with your SMG.

Best alternatives to Warzone Welgun

If you haven’t unlocked the Welgun yet or are finding it isn’t your cup of tea, Warzone offers a ton of excellent SMGs. The MP40 remains an excellent choice, and Cold War’s MAC-10 has still held its place in the meta.

Or, you can use the new Akimbo Snakeshot loadout that’s been terrorizing Rebirth Island.

Also, be sure to check out our ranking of every weapon in Warzone, as well as the devs secretly adding the controversial bloom mechanic to Cold War guns.

Image Credit: Activision

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