Destiny 2 update 3.3.0 patch notes: Season of the Lost

The Last Word Hand Cannon is an extremely powerful Destiny 2 weapon, and here’s everything you need to know about unlocking it, including the Exotic Cipher and Ascendant Shards locations.

When you hop into Destiny 2, you’ll need to be properly geared up for some challenging battles. The good news is that the game features a wide selection of powerful weapons to choose from.

The Last Word Hand Cannon is an Exotic weapon that boasts a full-auto fire rate and increased hip-fire capabilities. If you want to get your hands on this gun, then this guide has you covered.

How to craft the The Last Word in Destiny 2

You can only get the Destiny 2 Last Word Hand Cannon from the Monument to Lost Lights weapon vault in the Tower. This vendor is located on the far right side of the Courtyard landing zone.

In order to craft the weapon, you’ll need the following materials:

You can obtain Glimmers easily, and Etheric Spirals are given as rewards for every bounty you complete for Spider at The Tangled Shore. You can find both Exotic Ciphers and the Ascendant Shards prevent more of a challenge.

However, Exotic Ciphers and Ascendant Shards are a bit more difficult to acquire, and we’ll go over everything you need to know about collecting them.

How to collect Destiny 2 Exotic Ciphers

You can obtain Exotic Ciphers by either reaching rank 55 in the current Season Pass or purchasing them from Xur the merchant. You can still receive them as a seasonal rank reward even if you don’t have the Season Pass.

If you’ve already collected a seasonal cipher previously, you’ll need to complete Xur’s Xenology quest to earn another. This requires you to complete 21 strikes, or win matches in the Crucible or Gambit.

How to collect Destiny 2 Ascendant Shards

If you already have the paid Season Pass then you’ll get Ascendant Shards after reaching season ranks 80, 85, and 94. Alternatively, you can also purchase Shards from either Banshee-44 or Ada-1.

Here’s the general cost for each Shard:

It’s worth keeping in mind that the planetary materials required for these Shards are random and change depending on the day. If you’re still on the hunt, then you’ll have a few different options for unlocking Ascendant Shards.

You can either complete platinum runs of Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes, make a flawless run in Trials of Osiris, or reach 10,000 reputation with either Zavala, Lord Shaxx, the Drifter, or Saint-14.

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, simply head back to The Monument to Lost Lights to collect the Last Word Hand Cannon. You can now use this weapon to cause some serious pain to your enemies.

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Image Credits: Bungie

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